Our Story


Michael Howell

We’re driven to make IT that is both simple and secure yet low cost.

We provide a cloud-based computer and network solution that removes the need to buy new computers or hire expensive IT Support for setup or maintenance. It is the perfect solution for working from home or remote or even from the office.

We've been providing IT Support to hundreds of companies over the past 25 years and have witnessed the rising costs and complexity of computers, networks and IT Support.

But what is the most alarming is the rampant increase in Cyberattacks and the vulnerabilities of not only local offices, but the staff that works from home or other remote locations.

We have personally witnessed many new potential clients who had reached out to us for IT support, only to find that they had already been hacked and all their computers and servers were offline or unusable.

We provide you an easy and fast solution to all these problems.

We call it the Butterfly solution. It not only provides you cloud-based computers and networks but many of the other IT needs of a cost constrained business. Plus it comes as a simple month-to-month low-cost subscription accessible from any device, anytime and from any location around the world.

Here are the simple steps to get started:

  1. Subscribe to our Butterfly Quick Starter Bundle on the home page to get your own private network and initial Windows Personal Cloud Computer (PCC).
  2. Receive our welcome email with instructions on how to login and how use your new Butterfly PCC from any device or computer you already have available.
  3. Use your Butterfly PCC just like any physical computer and upload any data to it that you need to be safe and have access to from any location and any device.
  4. Add on more PCCs for your staff or other related IT solutions as needed using the link to your account that will be included in your Welcome email.