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Butterfly IT

Butterfly-Stick Viewing Device

Butterfly-Stick Viewing Device

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  • Portable, Travel-Ready workstation ready to plug into any monitor or TV.
  • Fits in a shirt pocket so Remote Workers can always have a way to access their PCC
  • Linux Mint Thin Client with Dual Monitor support and WiFi enabled.
  • Boots direct to Butterfly App ready to login and connect to PCC.
  • Full Featured User Friendly Linux Mint with Browser and some VoIP & Zoom apps preinstalled.
  • Dual Monitor capable - Just add  your own of 1~2X monitors, Keyboard & mouse.
  • Several USB ports available.
  • No PCC data contained on this Thin Client so any user can access their own PCC
  • Recommend keeping 1X of these as a spare/backup for any users device that fails.

Please Note:
1) Stick's 2nd display port can only connect to VGA port. Mini DisplayPort to VGA Cable
2) PCC USB connection is limited to USB 2.0 devices only. If you have a USB 3.0 (Blue Tab) device then be sure it is connected with a USB 2.0 Hub or Adapter to make it compatible.
3) Be sure the keyboard/mouse have their own dedicated USB port on the Stick. Other devices like scanners, printers, webcams, printers can share the other USB port via a HUB.

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